Sophie, Level 3 

One of our Level 3 fashion students was featured on the British designer Alexander McQueen’s Instagram feed with her Recycled Mark Making Print design. As Part of the workshop, set during lockdown, students were asked to create abstract prints using repurposed and recycled materials found around the home. Sophie's work was one of those selected to feature on their Instagram out of hundreds across the world also taking part in the designer’s challenge. 

image_from_ios 2.jpg

Keep Safe | Keep Creative


During quarantine Level 1 and Level 2 students were spreading a positive message in their community by designing a typography poster inspired by some of their favourite graphic designers. During those uncertain times, it was important to stay creative, stay safe and stay inspired.


Shaun, L1

Shaun, as part of his work experience, entered the registered charity The Linac Group’s i am me T-shirt design competition. Out of over one hundred entries, his design for the back of their official i am me t-shirts, has been shortlisted for the competition. The next stage for his design, which is one of only 15 shortlisted entries, is to be judged by a panel of experts from the fashion industry.


Artist collaboration 

During Quarantine daily challenges have been set by our team to keep students engaged and develop creative skills. 

On the challenge, ONE PIECE, NINE VIEWS, we collaborated with inventive American fine artist Beth O’Grady. Inspired by O’Grady’s use of recycled materials and compositions, our students created artwork by photographing the same item 9 times, adjusting the item or the camera angle each time, and arranging the photos in a grid. 


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W L 2.jpg


During quarantine our students and alumni have been creative and inventive when problem solving by competing in creative daily challenges set by our team. Developing their skills in perspective, colour theory and light via photography tasks. You can find all entries and winners on our Instagram, @art.and.desing.nescot or #vanescot

Artist collaboration 

During Quarantine daily challenges have been set by our team to keep students engaged and develop creative skills. 

With our challenge COLLECT AND CREATE we had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Danish collage artist Sophie Klerk. Our students created artwork by gathering and layering paper inspired by Klerk’s use of materials and technique.


Work Experience 

During lockdown our students have undertaken work experience in the form of live online Art & Design competitions. Students have created digital patterns, drawings, paintings and sculptures and submitted their work to the companies/ registered charities: i am me, The Linac Group’s T-shirt design competition, Contrado Imaging Ltd’s travel mug contest and the RSPB’s WildArt competition. 

Origin 2019 at The Old Truman Brewery, Level 1

Michael’s digital illustration FMP was showcased at The Old Truman Brewery, London as part of the UAL Origins Creative Arts Festival. Michael developed a series of digital illustrations showcasing the world we live in and some of the most popular cities in the world.  


Origin 2019 at The Old Truman Brewery, Level 1 

‘The Three Helmets” designed and sculpted by one of our Level 1 students. James’s work, which was inspired by Star Wars, was showcased at The Old Truman Brewery, London as part of the UAL Origins Creative Arts Festival. 


Pavlina, Alumni

Pavlina, a Level 3 student who specialised in prop-making has gone onto study BA (Hons)  Character Design and Creative Effects at the University of Hertfordshire, whose highly selective prop-making degree course is known for its good reputation, facilities and industry links. 


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Zaina, Alumni


Our Level 3 fashion student Zaina  continued her education in fashion on the  BA  (Hons) Womenswear Design course at the leading London College of Fashion.  Since leaving Nescot, Zaina has been back to share with our students her experience at LCF and university.  


UAL Level 2 Award 2018

Rio, Level 2

Exploring the boundaries of ‘improper’ fashion through the exploration of fabric manipulation and silhouette. Volume is created through the use of pleating, bleaching and latex, representing the improperness of the upside-down skirt. This piece was the overall Level Two winner, for 2018 described as 'innovative, exciting and exceptional' by the UAL Chief Examiner Level 1 and Level 2 Art and Design.


Origin 2018 at OXO Tower

Karim, Level 3

Level 3 Extended Diploma student showcasing his final major project based on a post-Apocalyptic Noise scape at OXO Tower, London. Featuring bursts of static and disturbing imagery, realized as an audio-visual installation with an industrial aesthetic. 


Origin 2018 at OXO Tower
Charlotte, Level 1 


Charlotte's piece was selected from hundreds of students from more than 200 institutions nationwide to be part of the UAL annual exhibit-ion 2018. Her project exploring wearable architecture through the exploration of silhouette, shibori dyeing and pattern was showcased at the OXO Tower, London. Taking influence from trompe l’oeil and geometric shapes found within iconic London architectural structures.


Gererd, Level 3


I've thoroughly enjoyed my time so far at the college. The people are nice, helpful and super friendly and are willing to take you that step further to reach your goals for the future. Everyone listens to what you have to say and respects your opinions. The facilities available are great. There’s professional equipment available to access even if you’re not on that course, for example 3D printers.


Anna, Level 1 


I like art and design because it helps me express how I feel and I like how the teachers treat you like adults . 
The best part of art and design I find is photography because  it is an outlet to show what is going one in the world in a positive way .


Origin 2018 at OXO Tower

Haroon, Level 1 

Haroon's digital illustration responding to the theme of structure was one of the pieces selected to be 
exhibited at the UAL Origin exhibition  at the OXO Tower in 2018. Haroon's project developed into kaleidoscope like patterns presented alongside bold and graphic prints exploring colours of some of the iconic London buildings.

03 5_7.jpg

Origin 2018 at OXO Tower

Pele, Level 1 

In his project exploring the London skyline through photography, Pele was selected to exhibit his work at the UAL Origin exhibition, 2018. His work was realised via Photoshop and the darkroom exploring the use of offset composition and colour.


Origin 2018 at OXO Tower

India, Level 2 


India's sculptural jewellery piece is an exploration of unusual materials and exaggerated forms are reminiscent of microscopic organic matter. The piece was showcased at the UAL Origin exhibition at the OXO Tower, London in 2018. 


Origin 2017 at Brick Lane

Shannon, Level 3


A menswear jacket based on the concept of #GenderIdentity, expressed through the reconfiguration of deconstructed tropes of femininity / masculinity designed by one of our Level 3 Diploma students showcased at the Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane.